lundi 17 juillet 2017

Viktor Lazlo announces new album " Woman"

Viktor Lazlo announces new album 

Viktor Lazlo is currently working on a new album with self-composed songs. The first single is ready and will be released in October on Prova Records.
In the late 80’s The French-Caribbean singer reached international top ten positions with multiple songs, such as Canoë Rose and Breathless. Viktor Lazlo’s international fame peaked when she hosted the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest in one of her characteristic designer dresses (Thierry Muggler).
In recent years she has been working on several novels, and she also performed her successful Billie Holiday show more than 180 times in various countries around the world. 
For her comeback Viktor Lazlo is surrounded by composer Michel Bisceglia and Luuk Cox (Shameboy).
(august 16)
The 3 first singles :